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Over the past several years, John and I have become vast friends. I always suggest him and his musical partners, "The Smooth Brothers" when someone has a special event. He's never said no and performed a flawless mix of smooth jazz, blues and rock to the delight of our guests. 
This new CD, "New Beginnings" also includes the lovely Gina, John's talented wife, who adds her own vocal stylings on every cut. 

This CD is a winner and I hope this is the first of many. 


New Beginnings is the latest project from Smooth Jazz guitarist John Carey. John happens to be an extremely talented guitarist who's career is now emerging from being an in demand side man for some of the biggest acts in the business to the focal point of audiences around the world. Tracks like "Struttin" and "Out on the Town" which features the lovely vocals of his wife and partner in crime, Gina Carey, deliver the highest caliber Smooth Jazz sounds the genre has to offer. John also stepped to the fore as producer on this project and does not disappoint. His skill and versatility as a composer/arranger are evident as you listen to track after track on your journey to "New Beginnings"



John Carey releases his fifth set this month with “New Beginnings” which follows on from the strengths of his previous efforts with more great instrumentals and sultry vocal cuts. If you’re a virgin to Mr. Carey and his voluminous talents then you can expect a well-balanced mix of soul, funk and plenty of Jazz. Fans of Norman Brown, George Benson, Wes Montgomery and North “2Unes” Woodall will not be disappointed in this set, and comparisons to all these talents are more than deservedly made. The Mojazz efforts of Norman Brown are in my thoughts on “Strut Your Stuff”, the funky wah-wah guitar playing in a great 70s fashion, the keys very much in a warm 70s Bob James / Ramsey Lewis mode and the vocals fit straight into a North “2Unes” Woodall mode. Also, check out the ethereal synth that ties all this together. Funky though it is, John can be heard smiling broadly throughout this…you definitely feel this from this song!

Mr. Carey also knows when and where – and how – to deploy some sexy vocals, this time from a certain Mrs. Carey. Yes, ‘er indoors is none other than Gina Green and we all know and love her work so it’s great to hear her again adding refrains on “Out On The Town”. For those who prefer more from the vocals then check out the superb, chunky, “Feelin’ Good”, which is again very 90s Mojazz in every respect. With a nod towards the stepping dance phenomenon, “Step Show”, Gina and John duet on this classy stepping number. It’s a cut that should pick up some rotation on radio. If not, it deserves it. A track with more contemporary feeling is “Say Yes” with a modern beat and yet still possesses a great Marva King harmony feel, as well as some great guitar licks! I think that you’re going to love the brilliant midtempo effort “True Love” which is a proper, full-blown soulful track complete with Latin guitar and spoken word in the vein of Kim Fields. This is truly superb and renders the album essential.

“A Song For Gina” and the uptempo “Groove To This” are the icing on this cake, and with a few international flavours thrown in for good measure, John Carey displays yet again that he is able to serve up more of the same good stuff that he has served previously, and also effortlessly adds a few twists and turns on the way. John and his beautiful Lady Wife make a great musical pairing, and their love, respect and talent form a symbiotic relationship which can do nothing but please any one of us with a penchance for soul, Jazz or Funk. It’s a classy, classy set without a doubt. A bubbler for the Summer, whether we get one or not!


This album offers the best in Jazz guitar playing, not to mention the beautiful vocal support of his label-mate Gina.

EUNICE MOSLEY The Pulse Of Entertainment/The Baltimore Times




Guitarist John Carey delivers an album that is a fine example of Smooth Jazz meets Soul. Wife Gina Carey provides the vocals on seven tracks including the mid-tempo groover 'Step Show'. 'True Love' is a wonderful Soul tune – smooth and warm and 'Groove To This' is a strong dancer. John Carey comes over as a cross between Jimmy Ponder and George Benson. Cuts like 'Struttin' and 'Down In Nassau' shows the man's guitar skills. Quality.


Soul Brother Records 


JOHN CAREY New Beginnings Gico Music

Let me introduce you to Palm Springs-based, “Urban Soul” guitarist John Carey… and his stunning fifth release, NEW BEGINNINGS. Here’s a guy who’s time has come, he can hold his own with players like Norman Brown, Chuck Loeb, Larry Carlton, and George Benson, and, in fact, has been likened to legends Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana. If you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned names, you owe it to yourself to check this new album out. From the in-the-pocket Smooth Jazz tunes “Strut Yo Stuff (Struttin)” and “Out On the Town” to the delicious, Latin-flavored “The Rain in Spain” and the Santana inspired “Dancin on a Rainbow,” featuring John’s talented wife Gina Carey on vocals. Mr. Carey will totally capture you and leave you wanting still more of his superb guitar work. Between his smooth, ‘lights-out’ playing and Gina’s impressive vocals, NEW BEGINNINGS sizzles hot as the desert sun! ~SCOTT O'BRIEN 







Melodic is the debut CD of song stylist Gina Carey. Gina has spent years developing her style and polishing her craft culminating in this fantastic assortment of Smooth Jazz tracks. Songs like "Unbelievable" and "Don't Ever Let Me Go" highlight the incredibly soulful styles of the songstress Gina Carey. Gina also penned each track working along side her husband, Smooth Jazz guitarist John Carey, they have created music to be craved for. The songs are genuinely from the heart and true to jazz lovers around the world. John skillfully sprinkles his sweet complimentary rhythm and acoustic guitars on each track giving Gina room to spread her wings and shine like never before. Do yourself a favor and check out Gina Carey and her new CD "Melodic" 



  As a fan of the former Gina Green, I have been waiting patiently for the arrival of her latest album ‘Melodic’ and I can announce here and now that I love it! Blessed with a sweet, soulful vocal style Gina, showcases her talents on this very personal album . Sharing her thoughts and feelings quite openly displaying her spiritual side on tracks such as, ‘Don’t you give up’, life is more and A change. It is apparent that Gina is talking from the heart and it is no more apparent than when she talks to her husband John, through ‘Loving you’ Opening up with 'Red Hat' you just know that Gina is on top form before she moves on to my personal favorite 'Unbelievable', which floats delicately like a leaf on the breeze. Gina’s vocals are wrapped around every note and combined with the dreamy production, it has me constantly reaching for the replay button. Fans will not be disappointed with ‘Melodic’ and I for one feel that this may just be a defining moment in Gina's ascendency to even higher things. Marvelous !! ............................................................... My latest post on Abu Dhabi Got Soul;) 

 Mick Whitehead   Radio DJ 

I’m not sure about you, but 2011 has been one of the worst years EVER for quality soul music. It’s almost non-existent in America, and this scribe is finding it hard to face up to the fact that quality is now rarer than the proverbial rocking horse doo-doo. What is heartening though is consistency AND quality when I am faced with it. Recall, if you will John Carey’s excellent “New Beginnings” set and the sumptuous vocals by Gina Carey (was Green)...well, Gina is back with her own sophomore set and continues on where the greatness of where she left off from her “My Journey” album as well as her excellent work with husband, John.

“Unbelievable” is my first port of call, mainly as it has echoes of Marva King / James Day / Kloud 9 and the funky guitar and Hammond organ are really in top gear as is the cool piano. This could be an extra from Marva King’s 2006 “Soul Sistah” set. It really is that good...surprised that the likes of Expansion haven’t picked up on this...a better bet than the latest and third throwaway set from Kindred. Mellower, yet no less intricate is the study “Share My Life With You”. These cuts alone stand tall in the rising tide of Urban R&B dross and mediocre hear-it-and-instantly-forget-it US Soul / Smooth Jazz music sets.

“Loving You” has’s different and takes a few listens to get around the vocal phrasing, but it’s a real grower and the delicate and restrained ethereal keys are simply delightful...the ghostly electric guitar also adds extra mysticism. I think you’ll like this. Also well worth a shout is the socially conscious “Don’t You Give Up”...Gina really does exude soul, sass and sex on this song...a really talented lady and making John a very lucky gentleman! The vocals are sensitive, quiver and do what it says on the tin! This is also true of the acoustic guitar-led “I Care”...the live drums, warm, expansive and rich bass and snare drum is gorgeously luxuriant. This approach is also a winner of the haunting “Life Is More”...the message is a strong one and one I should have adhered to long ago. Like all the classic, true artists there is a message in the music and the music of Gina Carey is nothing less than quality, sexy, consistent and...Melodic.




Gina Carey Formerly known as Gina Green records possibly her best soul album to date appropriately called’ Melodic' assisted by her husband Guitarist John Carey. The ten songs have a great uplifting groove underpinning Gina's distinctive sweet soulful voice. The up-tempo 'Without You', the mid tempo grooves Don't Ever Let me Go' ,Red Hat', 'Unbelievable' and the ballads 'Share my Life With You' and 'Loving You' exude class. Really strong independent soul album. 


Soul Brother Records 



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