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Gina Carey CD “ Love Letters” Review


Gina Carey has been around for some time now and with a number of highly successful albums under her belt (the last one only a few months back,) I was astonished to see her back at it and releasing what I can only describe as a ‘homage to Love’. 

‘Love letters’ is probably more Gina, than any of her other outings as she has in fact taken up the mantle of Artist, writer, arranger and producer on this one which is no mean feat. With a slightly retro feel to it, the album obviously has many influences lurking under the surface and as always, Gina has something spiritual to say and the messages come through loud and clear.


The opening track ‘Love joy and peace’ sets the tone for what is to come and with its strong positive message truly reflects Gina’s mantra.

Next up ‘I run to the lord’ shuffles along nicely and once again allows Gina, to get her feelings across. With a Funky bluesy and soulful arrangement, the combination works delightfully.


‘Love you babe’ moves the tempo up a gear and that real feel of old school soul runs through it from the opening chord and this track took me back to the 70’s with its nice soulful Latin groove. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the album and a track that finds it’s way into your head and eventually back on to the playlist

Next up, ‘Beautiful music’ is back to Gina showcasing her beautiful vocal range and style. I wouldn’t bet my house on it but I guess this was written for her Husband John and Gina says it like only Gina can.  


‘Unbelievable’ has a real atmospheric bluesy come jazzy vibe to it. I can see Gina sat in a small intimate club belting this out. Its great song that has you nodding and tapping from the start. The arrangement allows her to really take the song and ‘work it out’, truly hypnotic.


‘For love’ is one of the standout tracks on the album and has Gina bearing her soul and professing her love for the man in her life. The message is quite simple and delivered in such a way that there is no doubt about how she feels. Uncomplicated and easy on the ear you just know that this will be one of those tunes that will find its way on to the ‘quiet storm’ playlists.  ‘So natural’ continues in much the same way and will appeal to the listening lovers.


‘Category five’ has Gina picking up the tempo again. Much of the same message here but the track clearly draw its strength from the nice arrangement with sweet lead and backing vocals. I like the intensity on this and with some weather effects thrown in for good measure, it certainly grew on me.


‘Forever’ is indeed my favorite track on the album. With its handclap beats and subtle guitar work, it floats along nicely with Gina riding the waves so sweetly. The chorus grabs you and before you realize, the rhythm has found its way into your subconscious and you just cant stop humming it. The final track on the album ‘Boogie on down’ is a tribute to the Funk and is the odd man out here. It does however allow Gina to have some fun and move into unchartered waters as she touches on the boogie, paying homage to retro.

Gina Carey is refreshingly honest in her work and she never fails to bare all. Not afraid to put her feelings and emotions on display, she sings with sensitivity and real emotion, something that few artists rarely display nowadays. Taking a leap of faith with this album as an artist, producer and arranger, I believe Gina Carey is here to stay.



By Mick Whitehead




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Jazmin Rdaio by: Tony Wally


One of the most exciting things about being a part of Jazzmine Radio is when we discover new music. But what is even more impressive is when new music finds us.

Let me introduce you to Gina Carey.

Gina started recording back in 1996, initially as a gospel singer. As is the case with most gospel singers, Gina’s voice exuded real soul.

Her voice has often been compared to Stephanie Mills but to me she has a sound all of her own and I think there is some jazz notes in there somewhere.

Her discography contains three gospel cd’s ‘In His Time’ ‘Changes’ and ‘Tell Um’ and two Soul cd’s ‘My Journey’ and ‘Melodic’.

Gina’s latest cd is entitled ‘Love Letters’ and is available on Valentines Day February 14th.

Her very own valentine is her husband, urban soul smooth jazz guitarist, John Carey.

He too has an immanent release and by massive coincidence [not!], his cd ‘Smooth Soulful & Funky’ will also be released on the 14th.

It gives Jazzmine Radio great pleasure to bring you Gina Carey’s first single from her new cd, it’s called ‘For Love’ and you can hear it by clicking play on the video above.

Both of the albums will be available in all the usual places AmazonItunes and CD Baby and Soul Brother Records.

You can find out more about Gina here and if you want to learn more about her multi talented husband John click here or why not click both!